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Meet The Committee

(As you can see this pic is from a recent sportsmans afternoon)

Sankey Vale FC committee.

First from the right:

Phil Smith - Club Secretary -

This role invloves writing, receiving and responding to all Club correspondence as required. Providing assistance and acting as liaison between team managers, League and County FA officials. The secretary also attends league meeting, is responsibile for distributing registration forms to the team managers and Acts as second signatory for Club cheques.

Second from the right:

Keith Farrall - Fixtures Secretary -

This role involves contacting other clubs and referees for the day-to-day arrangement of fixtures. Checking fixtures for mistakes, kit clashes, pitch allocation problems and referee issues. Confirming details of all matches with the team manager so that match day problems do not arise.

First from the left:

Charles Thornton - Treasurer -

This role involves receiving and banking all club funds. Keep a proper book of accounts to enable regular control of financial balances and prepare annual Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheet for the financial year.



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